About the Project

Neurodiversity & Learning

Inclusive education relies on understanding what effective engagement with learning means for each individual. This research project at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education is using a new self-report measure of engagement with learning activities. The new quick, easy, flexible and intuitive research tool will help transform our understanding of students’ experience of their learning activities and help support inclusive teaching and learning in universities, colleges and schools.

Understanding neurodiversity and engagement is at the heart of this project. Around 200 undergraduate students from over the UK have shared their experiences of learning activities with us including many autistic students and those with ADHD and anxiety. Explore our project website and publications to find out more.

Find out more about how we developed our Measure of Engagement with Learning for neurodiverse students.

Latest from the Project Blog

Why do we need so many words to measure engagement?

If you were one of the students who took part in the online survey, you may have wondered why we needed so many words to describe your engagement with learning activities! Why so many words? The answer lies in seeing the subtle differences that are often hidden within a broad concept such as ‘engagement’. The…

When does inspiration for education research come in cake form?

“It’s all about being different” In the Great British Bake Off, contestant Lizzie created an amazing cake that celebrated difference and was inspired by her experience of ADHD and dyslexia. In describing the cake, she explained “it’s all about being different” – expressed through a different way of using colour, pattern, texture. Importantly, it makes…